I heard you like screens

sofa work setup with 2 mini wheeled height-adjustable desks leftover chicken… thing that is supposed to be a rehash of the Orange-Shawarma Olive Chicken Chicken thighs soaked in orange juice+olive oil+leftover Togarashi spice+Chili Oil carrots+mini pepper+purple onion leftover garnish from yesterday’s curry mini cucumber Brown rice 20 minutes in the oven at 450F (as was […]


Seared Tilapia & Creamy Cilantro Sauce with Vegetable Barley & Pepitas

Keyboard Tray

I remember around 12 years ago, I slowly started having more and more shoulder and back pain. Friends and colleagues would touch my shoulder and they would all react the same – “oh no why is this so stiff.. this is no good”. I was often working on a lot of time sensitive projects with […]

Turkey Chili

One-Pot Turkey & White Bean Chili Verde with Sour Cream Zoom Meeting at Coffeeshop

Long meetings

Cabling under the desk

책상을 옮기고 좌상 모니터를 돌려봤는데 저 바보 같은 아이디어가 말도 안되지만 (저거 오래 쳐다보고 있으면 정말 목 아플듯) 나름대로 통한다는게 (어차피 좌상 모니터는 오래 보지 않으니까) ㅋㅋㅋ