Thai food

My Thai Restaurant: thai fried rice, red, yellow, green curry, thai lemon fish, orange chicken

Sweet Sassy Sole

My Thai Kitchen – Sweet Sassy Sole: crispy sole fish filet served with sweet chili sauce

Bought clothes

Northern Thai Food Club: Gaeng Hang Lae Northern Porky Curry Tiramisu cake? i know this thailand money wiring business photo was supposed to have a cargo container ship in it but it gives me very much a US Airplane Carrier ship kind of vibes Buying clothes at Target; trying out various clothes Carlos’ meme faceswaps

Massaman Curry Pizza

thin pizza crust, mozzarella cheese massaman chicken peanut thai curry pineapples, a bit more chicken thighs, sesame oil, green olives, grape tomatoes

Milkream Brulee

HelloFresh: Sweet Chili Pork & Cabbage Stir-Fry with Crispy Fried Onions Milkream Brulee Icecream: I stepped outside today after 3 days with an iPad and a grocery buy list, hoping to stop by a coffeeshop first. I came back home with none of that shit. Massaman Chicken Curry: massaman curry paste and jif peanut butter, […]

Foodieland at home

“honey can we go to foodieland?”“we’ve got foodieland at home babe”foodieland at home: