One More Kitchen


Seared Tilapia & Creamy Cilantro Sauce with Vegetable Barley & Pepitas

Eggplant Fries

I’ve been very sick with cold these past 2 weeks. After a particularly bad night trying to breathe well while sleeping and also with an ear infection, I went to One More Kitchen to sit under the sun during the afternoon. They have new menu items! But after taking a look, I picked Pork Avocado […]

Chair Cushion

At the coffeeshop where I like to sit for sunlight has chairs that are too deep, so I brought a cushion from home Taco el Venado has a pop-up stand by Wilshire and 6th St. They stick a pineapple at the top of the rotating gyro grill and chop off a piece on top of […]

Turkey Chili

One-Pot Turkey & White Bean Chili Verde with Sour Cream Zoom Meeting at Coffeeshop


I met with a friend yesterday at 12pm in this coffeeshop, and the experience was a real revelation for me because that morning I was super cold in this cold apartment that doesn’t get morning time sunlight into the room, and I hasn’t been going outside much because all I remember from going outside is […]

어린이 불고기 덮밥

배가 많이 고프지는 않아서 커피샵에서 가볍게 커피랑 어린이 메뉴를 시켰더니 웨이터가 “그거 양이 너무 적습니다”라고 사전 경고를 주었지만 이거 양이 딱 내가 평소에 집에서 해먹을 때 한끼 양이다 ㅎㅎ 적절하군. 이게 뭐라고 가짜 돌판에 내어오는지는 부담스럽지만. 가격이 다른 식당에서 일반 메뉴 시킬때 가격이라는게 ($10) 함정. 커피랑 팁까지 합쳐서 $20 인데 이게 다 자릿세다..