I walked into a hair salon and just went “so can I do anything fun with my hair? I don’t know anything about hairs. Only did military cut all my life” She was like “wtf is this guy on about” and after some hesitation she recommended getting a perm This is the smell of grandma […]

Pupusa y antojito

the salvadoran restaurant from which I picked up lunch today has this fancy-creepy-spooky clock that plays this whole tune every hour Pupusa de calabaza con queso y antojitos de yuca con chicharrón i’m disappointed in their antojitos, i wanted some exciting food i don’t normally eat, all i got was what the british eat during […]

Thinking Emoji

Garden Grove


my heatwave combat strat is air the house in the morning, do any oven cooking then as soon as outside temp starts going over 75, seal the house and run AC aggressively then depending on how long the heat lasts into the night, start turning AC down to mild until it’s fresh enough to open […]


할머니가 벚꽃구경가서 살짝 옆을 바라보면서 손으로 브이하고 있는 포즈의 사진을 따라하는 사진을 찍으려고 공원에 가봤는데 포즈가 너무 민망해서 ㅋㅋㅋ 자꾸만 사진 타이머 해놓고 찍으려다가 웃게되고 몸이 움츠러들음 ㅋㅋ