Chocolate Eclair S’more Cream Puffs

전자렌지에서 13초만 살짝 가열해서 스모어를 녹이면 약간 더 맛있음. 근데 스모어가 녹으면서 초코렛도 녹아버리는건 안 좋음.

One More Kitchen Cafe

Deep Dish Sausage Pizza

Masa of Echo Park

Rolled icecream

hmm today i discovered that something called Holy Roly “rolled icecream” exists and tried it but it didn’t taste any different.. I think the rolls merged into a single piece during the 3 minutes that I was bringing the icecream homei was hoping the rolls would consist of some bread-like stuff, so you have layers […]


함지박 양곱창볶음


trying a hard turn from chocolates and icecreams to fruits only for snacks