Sweet Pepper Pizza

Fontina & Pepper Focaccia Pizza with Spicy Garlic Oil Rolly Pop: Dragon Roll


two webcams in adjacent desks into a single videoconference canvass space eye check air fried pork belly Yifang Brown Sugar Pearl Latte

I heard you like screens

sofa work setup with 2 mini wheeled height-adjustable desks leftover chicken… thing that is supposed to be a rehash of the Orange-Shawarma Olive Chicken Chicken thighs soaked in orange juice+olive oil+leftover Togarashi spice+Chili Oil carrots+mini pepper+purple onion leftover garnish from yesterday’s curry mini cucumber Brown rice 20 minutes in the oven at 450F (as was […]

Dress Socks

Balcony wash

Morning routine

Heater on 70F, Yulmu tea, pocky sticks, music from phone on wireless charger fed from portable battery. Trying to do work.