2021 December

Went for a walk

Recovered from the cold. Went to get groceries. The sun was incredibly nice despite it only being 60F. So I dropped off the groceries and after premaking dinner went out for a walk. Ironically by then it was slightly more cloudy, and that had a huge impact and it was very cold -_- I got […]

Room Circuit

i blew the room circuit for the fifth time in 2 weeks with the radiatorI guess the power plug to the left of the balcony window and the power plug to the right of the window both share the same circuit. Ok so after like 6 times shutting down the circuit, now I know the […]

Cuban Picadillo Hash

CUBAN PICADILLO HASH: bell pepper, potatoes, raisins, creamy chimichurri 함지박 돼지갈비

Squash Flatbreads

SQUASH & MOZZARELLA FLATBREADS: pine nuts, honey, crushed red pepper flakes, kale salad

Second rainstorm

Orange Tofu

Orange Tofu & Brown Rice with Sweet Peppers, Kohlrabi & Cashews SPICY CHICKEN & GUACAMOLE WRAPS: cabbage, tomato, corn, creamy parsley & cilantro chimichurri this burrito was very meh. maybe because i saw the chicken burning fast and put it half-cooked in the rice cooker, so the rest of it was slow cooked. the slow […]