2021 December

CGC SoCal Meetup

Yangji Gamjatang

After first rain wave

Tom Kha Soup

Tom Kha soup tastes alright but I didn’t like how it smells.. it had this faint scent of rotting/sewage.. maybe it was the combination of coconut milk and the spicy oil? Well, it was a different dish from the usual tried out today so that was nice. It’s pouring today. Went out just to soak […]

Thai Noodles

Thai Chicken & Curry-Peanut Noodles with Carrots & Shishito Peppers These shishito peppers are like 5 times spicier than previous shishito pepper shipments from Blue Apron

Chorizo Tacos

Coffeeshop: actually adults can’t order Kid’s menu items. Not sure what happened before.. we just don’t sell kids’ items to adults.Me: Sheesh okay fine I’ll just have coffee then Capturing the experience of a taco on photo is kind of hard because it usually requires two hands to eat – even to put it together. […]

Chicken Soup

There’s a restaurant chain in LA called Ocha/Ocha Classic. Usually there’s a lot of latino people at the restaurant, and some weeekends/holidays there’s block-turning lines of people there. A lot of people order the Seven Seas Soup, which I have yet to try out. I used to go here every once in a while for […]