I heard you like screens

sofa work setup with 2 mini wheeled height-adjustable desks leftover chicken… thing that is supposed to be a rehash of the Orange-Shawarma Olive Chicken Chicken thighs soaked in orange juice+olive oil+leftover Togarashi spice+Chili Oil carrots+mini pepper+purple onion leftover garnish from yesterday’s curry mini cucumber Brown rice 20 minutes in the oven at 450F (as was […]

Thai Chicken Red Curry

Red Curry Paste (used the whole 23 servings of paste for about 4 actual curry servings. it wasn’t very spicy nor particularly flavorful) Chicken thighs Tofu Bamboo shoots, Carrots, Purple Onions, Ginger, Garlic, Lime juice, almonds, green olives After eating, Christine felt the green olives were a bit out of place as garnish.

Thai Curry

kinda winged it

Bus adventure

MacArthur Park, LACMA, Grove Farmer’s Market i thought with the right angle, maybe we could capture the rays of sunset shining in between the lightposts. yeah.. that was a fail 😆 A second attempt at recreating the Orange-Shawarma Chicken. With olives and pearled couscous, this time it came out better than before.

Orange-Shawarma Chicken

I tried to repeat last week‘s Blue Apron Orange-Olive Chicken recipe but H Mart didn’t have olives and I didn’t realize that the olives-in-a-jar that I saw at Ralphs is how olives are normally sold. So I put mushrooms instead. And marinated the chicken for one day instead of 10 minutes. It doesn’t… quite taste […]

Assorted veggies

I just wanted to add some fiber to the leftover 2 pieces of galbi jjim and ricebut instead I.. I’ve created a monster