Orange-Shawarma Chicken

I tried to repeat last week‘s Blue Apron Orange-Olive Chicken recipe but H Mart didn’t have olives and I didn’t realize that the olives-in-a-jar that I saw at Ralphs is how olives are normally sold. So I put mushrooms instead. And marinated the chicken for one day instead of 10 minutes. It doesn’t… quite taste […]

Assorted veggies

I just wanted to add some fiber to the leftover 2 pieces of galbi jjim and ricebut instead I.. I’ve created a monster

Went for a walk

Recovered from the cold. Went to get groceries. The sun was incredibly nice despite it only being 60F. So I dropped off the groceries and after premaking dinner went out for a walk. Ironically by then it was slightly more cloudy, and that had a huge impact and it was very cold -_- I got […]

How it started

actually back in 2010 i was making these veggie+meat mixed rice bowls.. they tasted fine.. to me. although i was using 0 spices. did i even use salt…? it just didn’t look as good

Ground Beef Bowl

It’s funny because I made this with no master plan altogether, and because of the random ingredients order the squash came out half cooked (I forgot to put the squash, and only threw it in the pan towards the end), etc it was a disaster. But the fried chili oil came in and saved the […]

Ground Beef Bowl