2022 June

Tonkatsu Ramen

It’s pretty hot these days and I’m feeling under the weather with the AC Umaya Tonkatsu Ramen My Thai Kitchen Red Curry Pork

Thai food

My Thai Restaurant: thai fried rice, red, yellow, green curry, thai lemon fish, orange chicken


Ste 101 KBBQ M.CO Coffee

Sous vide eggs

Sous vide eggs Over-the-top door window Avocado cranberry pastry Cherry tart One-Pan Bean & Pepper Wraps with Radish Tomato Salsa, Cheese & Guacamole

Sweet Pepper Pizza

Fontina & Pepper Focaccia Pizza with Spicy Garlic Oil Rolly Pop: Dragon Roll

Enchiladas Rojas

Hipster projector height adjustment Beef Enchiladas Rojas with Sweet Peppers & Cheddar Cheese K&A Cafe Buffalo Chicken Wrap Bicycle car Shorts have a zipper behind its velcro flap cover