Mole Negro

Gish Bic: Mole negro, Champurrado, Chilaquiles, Menudo de tripa

Le Goût Pastry

feedback on computer parts boxes at the office biking to Kaiser chocolates at Le Goût Pastry Cole Haan Men’s Sneakers Poncho’s Tlayudas

Laurence’s birthday

Bacari Silverlake

Deviled Chicken

Deviled Chicken & Honey-Chipotle Sauce with Cilantro Rice & Tomatoes

Pork and herbed ricotta

Green Chef: Pork with balsamic fig sauce: herbed ricotta, parmesan-crusted broccoli & cabbage, pine nuts because it’s 870 calories,i initially portioned 2/3 of a servingbut then i looked at the final product and i was like“i’m kinda hungry now (wasn’t hungry in the beginning when i started cooking) and there’s no way i’m only gonna […]