2022 August

Shrimp Pasta Bowl

Seared Shrimp & Lemon-Caper Sauce with Orzo, Zucchini & Pepper I forgot to take out a orange colored napkin from my pockets before laundry, so it spilled all over the laundry. I just shook it off and let the vacuums pick it up even fancier mariachi at church Robo vacuums bump into each other

Icecream Making

Charleston Crunch Icecream The “6 foot distancing” mark painting on this restaurant parking lot has faded. Another sign of the times.


Papa Cristos: Moussaka One-Pan Beef & Udon Noodle Stir-Fry with Bok Choy & Bell Pepper Coffee MCO. The second floor outdoor patio was pretty breezy and temperate under shade even on a 90 degree 1pm summer. I would have stayed longer if my work didn’t rely mostly on desktop screens. The Wi-Fi also crashed in […]

Cali-Texas Summit

Tuna Salad Family Zoom Call with Christine Cali-Texas Summit

Los Angeles State Fair

Los Angeles State Fair (some photos by Jeff) Sheet Pan Dijon & Panko-Crusted Salmon with Sweet Potatoes, Radishes & Snap Peas

Back at office

ah i never made it back on time to pick up my moneyplant