two webcams in adjacent desks into a single videoconference canvass space eye check air fried pork belly Yifang Brown Sugar Pearl Latte

I heard you like screens

sofa work setup with 2 mini wheeled height-adjustable desks leftover chicken… thing that is supposed to be a rehash of the Orange-Shawarma Olive Chicken Chicken thighs soaked in orange juice+olive oil+leftover Togarashi spice+Chili Oil carrots+mini pepper+purple onion leftover garnish from yesterday’s curry mini cucumber Brown rice 20 minutes in the oven at 450F (as was […]

Dress Socks

Balcony wash

Morning routine

Heater on 70F, Yulmu tea, pocky sticks, music from phone on wireless charger fed from portable battery. Trying to do work.

Potato Hash

Potato Hash & Eggs with Kale, Bell Pepper & Hot Sauce