Eggplant Fries

I’ve been very sick with cold these past 2 weeks. After a particularly bad night trying to breathe well while sleeping and also with an ear infection, I went to One More Kitchen to sit under the sun during the afternoon.

They have new menu items!

But after taking a look, I picked Pork Avocado Salad. Again they don’t have it – I think I’ve never seen them have the ingredients on hand to make that salad for the past 3 months.

So I asked the waiter about eggplant fries.

  • What does it have?
  • It’s eggplant.. and fries
  • So just an eggplant and (potato) fries? That’s it?
  • Oh no.. the eggplant is fried, and there’s a tomato sauce on top.

That waiter really undersold it because this is what I got. The crunchy fried eggplant is merely the base, and they have an entire pizza beat party going on with their tomato sauce, corn, bean sprouts and mayo on top.

I was in a lot of throat and ear pain today, but this fun dish (plus the sunlight) made up for all of it at once.

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