Long meetings

Cabling under the desk

책상을 옮기고 좌상 모니터를 돌려봤는데 저 바보 같은 아이디어가 말도 안되지만 (저거 오래 쳐다보고 있으면 정말 목 아플듯) 나름대로 통한다는게 (어차피 좌상 모니터는 오래 보지 않으니까) ㅋㅋㅋ

Second desk

i’ve been trying out having a second desk set up right next to the window. Having the main desk next to the window is one of the setups I tried out in the beginning, but ended up moving it away, I don’t remember now why.. maybe the glare? And there was a lot of afternoon […]

Reading tv

Office Makeshift Desk

Surface Pro on Airplane Economy Seat