Chimichurri Barramundi

  1. Indian-Style Chicken Curry with Chicken Thighs, Rice, Bell Pepper & Cilantro
  2. Barramundi with Zesty Cilantro Sauce with Lemony Carrots & Garlic Couscous
  3. CHICKEN WITH GARLIC CHARD RICE apricot pan sauce, roasted almonds
  4. GINGERY COCONUT CHICKEN SOUP with Farro, Carrots & Lime
  5. CUMIN-SPICED CHICKEN & TURMERIC-RICE BOWLS squash, roasted peppers, herb miso-tahini sauce, almonds
  6. Lemon-Caper Trout over Warm Farro & Veggie Salad
  7. Smoked Gouda Grits & Fried Eggs with Poblano Pepper, Tomatoes & Scallions
  8. Oven broke, so using air fryer instead

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