Hyatt Regency Newport Beach

My parents came from PerĂº to Los Angeles for our wedding, and as they were planning to stay for a week afterwards, I thought this could be time spent relaxing together and catching up. We booked the Hyatt Regency Newport Beach with Chase points, and asked our in-laws for help with a Guest of Honor booking to benefit from their Globalist status.

We got one Two-Double Bed Room and One-King Bed Room for two nights. Rooms got upgraded to balcony bedrooms each. Somehow, even though both rooms were booked by the person with Globalist, only one room was marked in Hyatt’s systems as Guest of Honor, (to my wife’s Hyatt account) and the other one was listed as a regular booking. (under my Hyatt account, which has Explorist) We tried to fix the issue by talking to the Hotel manager and Hyatt concierge, but both sides were seeing everything normally. (Concierge was seeing 2 GoH. Hotel was seeing 1 GoH). We had 1 car so parking was good. (Otherwise it would be $50/night) During check-in we asked whether it would be possible for all four people to have free breakfast, and the front desk staff after juggling around it said that while they couldn’t grant Globalist benefits to the second room, the GoH room technically had breakfast credits for “2 adults and 2 children”, so it would be enough for all 4 of us. I think this was the extra adjustment the staff did to meet our ask.

Breakfast was a la carte through the hotel’s SHOR Restaurant (I think? same space) and it was pretty impressive. We charged everything including the tip to the GoH room and it was covered up to about $110 per day, and I think we went a bit over and paid about $5-$10 which showed up in the room charge as “breakfast gratuity”. Egg benedicts, salmon toasts, french toasts.. it was delicious.

The hotel is only 3 floors tall and spreads across a pretty wide area. There are three pools, each surrounded by a cluster of guest room buildings.

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