Wrong restaurant

We went to a roasted seafood restaurant called Daebudo. the place seemed closed, with a confusing “Open” neon sign flashing, but the interior inside the windows seemed abandoned. While we were peering into the window, an old korean man who was standing just outside the restaurant hand signaled to us, as if telling us to “use the other door”. When we sat down, we realized that it was not Daebudo, but a different, all-you-can-eat sushi & BBQ place that was right next to it. The place was just about okay. Some of the baked roll photos on the menu really didn’t match what they actually served.

We then went to find out what happened with Daebudo, and it turns out that they were only doing outdoor serving in their back parking lot – but never bothered to put any signs in the front indicating that only the parking entrance was open. Typical Korean business.

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