Chicken Ramen

Chicken Ramen in a Shoyu-Style Broth with Mushrooms, Chili Garlic Oil & Crispy Onions

i finished eating it, thinking “it’s good.. it’s good.. not sure it’s worth paying $8 extra on top of the $10 for each portion”

and then I saw the spinach that I forgot to cook sitting on the dish rack

Leftovers. This farro-enoki mushroom bowl with leftover meats from past eat-outs was so good.. so many spices and flavors and it was warm, and crunchy thanks to the mini peppers.

The Udon package was sad. I cooked the broth, then thought “if I put the udon noodles in the pot, and then pour on the bowl, it can spill. So I’m gonna put the noodles in the bowl, and pour broth over it.. yay lazy.” But the broth apparently was not hot enough to separate out the noodles or to make it hot-warm enough.. it was just warm. Enough to eat, but a bit more warm would have been nicer.

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