Stuffed Peppers

I really kinda bombed this dish being so distracted thinking about work today.

First I chopped off the top of the peppers, then realized we need the top to keep the belly open cut together.

I then filled the pot to 3/4 capacity and thought “we don’t drain this after cooking the couscous? that looks like a lot of water.. the couscous can really absorb it?” and then realized that the recipe said to put 3/4 cup of water. The couscous came out super porridgy. Tried to make up for it by over cooking the leftover couscous in the oven, trying to make it crispy.

Couscous-Stuffed Poblano Peppers with Spinach, Raisins & Tahini Dressing

So I’m out to get boba
I decided to walk to a boba place that’s a bit further out
Passed by Immanuel church
It’s concert night
I overheard a couple behind me as i cross the street
“so it is an actual church. I don’t think we’ll be allowed to being in our booze”
“so what? Jesus converted water to wine”

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