Roasted Vegetables

Blue Apron: Sweet Chili Roasted Vegetables with Brown Rice & Cilantro-Yogurt Sauce

For 15 years I’ve only used Humana as my health insurance because it was the cheapest from the options, and this year I tried changing to Kaiser Permanente. Omg when Koreans explained me what Kaiser was like, they were like “yeah it’s like those big integrated hospitals in Korea that Koreans feel at ease in” but I had never heard about their top notch website. I went in at 10am to my first doctor’s appointment, the doctor listened to my concerns about back pain and being tired and made some recommendations and prescriptions, and I got the blood test and prescriptions and was out at 12pm! And the first blood test results came in via email at 1pm, and various result components kept trickling in throughout the day. All results are (relatively) neatly organized in the website.

Compared to the experience I was having with the previous doctor, where 1) it took me 1-3 months to see the doctor again and get the results and 2) them never sharing paper copies or any copies at all, this is crazy! I had implicitly assumed that something in the process was prone to taking a long time. Maybe they dry the blood sample out in the sun, or do centrifugal liquid separation for a couple weeks, who knows.

All in all, a very positive experience.

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