Chicken Skillet

I used to get annoyed at Korean grannies who are like “omg we have to save” and expend more resources/energy/time/money in trying to save some crumbs, which ends up being less than the value of what’s actually recouped.

But that’s kind of what I ended up doing today – I looked at the recipe and thought “omg precious honey can’t go to waste!” and made the sauce in the rice cooker bowl, so that I can store half of the dish in the rice cooker (with the raw leftover sauce inside) so that I don’t have to wash away the sauce afterwards OTL

hopefully the rice cooker’s “warming” level temp will kill most of any existing salmonella germs from the chicken breast… if I die of poisoning i’ll post an update. -_-

Harissa-Honey Chicken & Couscous Skillet with Lemon Labneh & Currants

Crispy Skin Salmon with Salsa Verde & Farro Salad

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