look ma! i’m back in the air!

New Hampton Inn Hotel is hilarious. They are seemingly very new, and hasn’t been getting much business probably due to opening during covid. Every once in a while you can get a 33% off discount from regular rates. The rooms a claustrophobically small and I can barely move the chair around, but I almost don’t feel it (although being able to move the chair would be nice) because all I do is sit with the laptop open on the desk, and the desk is something else. The desk also is tiny with little room (I wish there was enough depth to the desk to use the TV as the secondary monitor. It’s just close enough but also kinda inconveniently spaced out. ) But oh boi this thing is packed to the brim with electric ports and USB-A ports. There’s 4 of these USB charging hubs throughout the room: one on each side of the TV shelf, and one on each night stand. Underneath each of those are two more electric ports. The left side of the room is not wired it seems though.. neither the lights nor the ports work. And very nice colors and interior.

The breakfast bar is actually just the standard hotel breakfast bar but it was modeled to give a little bit of the chic coffeeshop vibes and it just makes it feel like an upgrade, without changing any of the sausage links, scrambled eggs, orange juice, oatmeal and bagels.


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