Dish drying rack

I’ve had this drying rack which I was using in the previous apt as well (one got a bit moldy-ish? and got the same model again)

The problem is the drying rack is that it needs to be cleaned every once in a while, and I can clean the mat when I notice it’s too dirty but the metallic grid is kind of hard to clean. And weird white color rust? mold? type things were accumulating on the corners of the grid, which seemed hard to get rid of.

I was looking for racks online, and there was this approach to drying racks which is instead of draining on a mat and then let the water drain down to the sink by angling the mat, placing the rack directly above the sink. Interesting..

I’m not sure this will require less cleaning, but wanted to try it out and here it is. It was a bit of a mixing and matching things around to ensure the webcam above the cutting board still has a direct line of sight and having the space to hang the recipe where I usually hang it, but I think this setup will do and the fact that the entire rack was completely modular and allows for anything to be placed anywhere (with some limitations) really helps.


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