Za’atar Chicken Pitas Orange & Soy-Glazed Cod Shrimp Pasta Shrimp Fajita Risotto Pork Skillet 짬처리 Pork Cavatappi Salmon, Potatoes and Kale Tilapia and Kale Orange Beef Lo Mein Pork Potatoes and Beans filming at Hannam Chain Spanish-Spiced Salmon 인스턴트 비빔쫄면 Steak Strips with Rice Shrimp Scampi with Tomatoes & Spaghetti Steak Noodles with Peas Santa Ana Togarashi Popcorn Chicken

Peanut Chicken Bowls

Peanut Chicken Bowls with Garlicky Quinoa & Smashed Cucumbers I recognize this Korean cucumber kimchi banchan. Is this how it’s made in restaurants? By smashing the cucumber? All this time I thought the cucumber got naturally soft by fermentation XD


CILANTRO BUTTER-BASTED BARRAMUNDI: pineapple salsa, cabbage slaw, coconut rice

Quinoa, Peach, Carrots

MAPLE-GLAZED CARROTS WITH FIGS: quinoa, cabbage & green apple slaw with pistachios, feta cheese


HARISSA-SPICED CHICKEN: rice with schug sauce, sautéed peas & radishes, mint


I walked into a hair salon and just went “so can I do anything fun with my hair? I don’t know anything about hairs. Only did military cut all my life” She was like “wtf is this guy on about” and after some hesitation she recommended getting a perm This is the smell of grandma […]