2022 October

Pan-fried Udon

One-Pan Pork & Udon with Peanut Sauce & Bok Choy Small light bulb: Base size E12 (it seems) Plant kingdom Socal Illegals Pitofest

Salmon Bowl

Seared Salmon & Walnut-Cilantro Sauce with Vegetable Barley: I pre-made the barley and waited too long until eating and it all became mushy :/ this monster busters weekly stage is so hard but strangely addictive

Shrimp Bowl

Italian Shrimp & Pesto Rice with Sautéed Vegetables & Crispy Capers i left the coffee machine running during a 1pm meeting with Rafa.. then forgot about it. i saw it 3 hours later and thought “oh no it’s all cold now – oh well i’ll drink it later tonight maybe”. turns out cup was empty. […]

Pork Belly Oshi

Umaya LA Pork Belly Oshi: Tender pork cubes on top of a bed of white rice, topped with a sweet glaze

Flower stand

leading worship at Harmony Toluca Assembled flower stand


Indian wedding Conference typed interpretation setup the parking pass did not work in the entrance gate