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Orange-Shawarma Chicken

I tried to repeat last week‘s Blue Apron Orange-Olive Chicken recipe but H Mart didn’t have olives and I didn’t realize that the olives-in-a-jar that I saw at Ralphs is how olives are normally sold. So I put mushrooms instead. And marinated the chicken for one day instead of 10 minutes. It doesn’t… quite taste […]

I heard you like screens

sofa work setup with 2 mini wheeled height-adjustable desks leftover chicken… thing that is supposed to be a rehash of the Orange-Shawarma Olive Chicken Chicken thighs soaked in orange juice+olive oil+leftover Togarashi spice+Chili Oil carrots+mini pepper+purple onion leftover garnish from yesterday’s curry mini cucumber Brown rice 20 minutes in the oven at 450F (as was […]

Bus adventure

MacArthur Park, LACMA, Grove Farmer’s Market i thought with the right angle, maybe we could capture the rays of sunset shining in between the lightposts. yeah.. that was a fail 😆 A second attempt at recreating the Orange-Shawarma Chicken. With olives and pearled couscous, this time it came out better than before.

Saso Pasadena